Tracy Davis, Former Pres Bush Speech Writer on Post Super Tuesday Fox Panel-3/7/12

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Tracy Davis on Fox New’s GOP Debate-3/5/12

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Tracy Davis on Fox’s Post Primary Panel-February 29, 2012

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Tracy Davis on Geraldo’s KABC Radio Show

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GOP Strategist on Fox New’s Megyn Kelly Show – Debate Panel

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Arizona GOP Debate Winners & Losers

Newt was relaxed and smart but it is probably too late

Santorum was defensive and lost. He seemed to be part of that unpopular congress and he got caught in hypocrisy regarding earmarks and Sen Spector. Santorum also got crunched in his argument about funding planned parenthood where he supported the bill but, then introduced another bill to cow niter the bill-that did not hold any water- and when u are against contraceptives because of all these unwed mothers and children having children? Hello? Children wouldn’t be having children if they were on contraceptives and Mitt made Santorum like an insider. Santorum was defensive, un-Presidential and has given Mitt Romney a chance back to Michigan.

Mitt is going to win Arizona and Michigan and secure the nomination-not just because of this debate but because of the alarming comments Santorum has been making over the last few days which he continued to make tonight even after the debate, on Fox News’ “Greta Van Sustren.” Santorum still passionately believes that unwed mothers of un-wanted children or children having children has spoiled society and made it evil. He still says that Satan is coming to get us because young people have sex before marriage or because there is a high divorce rate. Helloooooo…..

Santorum got nailed on hypocrisy regarding bills he supported (planned parenthood, supporting the bridge to nowhere, raising the debt and spending, and putting earmarks) having to admit he added them onto bills so huge that a President isn’t going to veto the entire bill, so they sign it and the earmarks go in.

Ron Paul called Santorum a “fake” and Santorum had to admit “taking one for the team” and using several other excuses for signing bills that he now opposes. The big-spender inside Washington guy that Mitt has been attempting to portray him as resonated tonight-and Santorum lost arguments, was very defensive, and when he tried to explain himself out of boxes it made him look even more untangled in the Congressional dance of secretive practices and inside DC politics that the American people despise. Congress has the lowest approval rate ever and Santorum saying he signed a bill but, proposed another one to counter the one he signed etc just sounded awful. He was booed on quite a few occasions, never a good sign for any candidate.

Also when he tried to switch being in the hot seat to blaming Obama care on Romney care-that didn’t work because he didn’t start out fresh-he was defending himself and in a corner and the audience knew it.

The fact that he applauded Romney and Romney care and Romney’s job in the Olympics didn’t help his case either. He just wasn’t thinking straight. His defense to this on Greta was that “Obama care wasn’t such a hot issue then and now it is the cornerstone of the campaign.” What? So, now that Romney care-which is not the same as Obama care but lets say Obama took the model and expanded it a trillion or so dollars and made it 2 thousand pp long instead of 70-so now you can use it against Romney when you supported it before? Nope. Doesn’t hold water, Rick.

The polls are going to reflect this debate and put Romney in the winner’s seat again because clearly Santorum lost. Gingrich did what he needed to do-calm, relaxed, thoughtful, even “cheerful” as he described himself, with some sound and good ideas. His ego had been taken down a notch, clearly, or he is on a new kind of medication.

Ron Paul was as delightful as ever, and his fiscal conservatism resonates with Americans who are all alarmed and confused at what is happening to our country and who to believe as we get poorer and gas prices go up and the debt increases and the entire rest of the world is shaky and we are spending more that we are making! But, Ron’s foreign policy seems to most Americans just too radical to take on-although many are furious that the US gives billions of dollars to other countries (even our enemies), without even telling us how much or why. it is incredibly frustrating to know how many Americans are suffering and to know that Congress or the President or who knows-most Americans just know its “Washington and the Federal Government” give so much money away.

Ron Paul is right: We are going broke. He is consistent and he doesn’t hide under excuses of “Well I and to sign that increase of spending because…” good old boys club of the Congress and Senate at it again. And I personally loved his misconception “that I can’t win” because the media has basically ignored him all along. I don’t think he can win but that is beside the point. Who knows?

Mitt also appeared confident, sharp, Presidential, aggressive but not too aggressive-and he was on tonight.

This was a great night for Romney because I believe he won the match between himself and Santorum. If Gingrich rises again, it is even more trouble for Rick but, Rick did this to himself-and also he was the one who was in the hot seat tonight which has happened to all candidates except Ron Paul who is having a ball. All the candidates have lost debates as the presumptive leader-Mitt in North Carolina, Gingrich in Florida and now Santorum in Arizona. We will have to see how this affects the polls-I have already stated my prediction (and I know I could be totally wrong) this is a game-changer.

Mitt will win the nomination because of this debate and because no one could possibly believe that Rick could win the general with all of his strange ideas about sex and everything related to it.

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Tonight’s GOP Debate: The Final Countdown!

Tonight’s debate most important one in GOP nomination for a few reasons

The top nomination is considered in such disarray and that it is anyone’s race. Candidates go up and go down, money flows in and out and the word in the media is brokered convention which no longer exists now it is called a disputed or something like that anyway it would be a total disaster if one candidate didn’t get the 1000 plus to get the nomination for a number of reasons:

1. Money. If this thing goes on until August all the candidates will have not only beat up each other so that we all hate them but, they will be broke-more likely in serious debt

2. Rest and re-group. Summer is the time for the nominee to get his money chest back up to take a rest and plan his fall campaign against the Obama. Any nominee has to have some time to prepare for this because Obama hasn’t had to fight anyone to get his nomination and plus his campaign will be incredibly rich

3. Obama and the Issues and the media   As long as the GOP are fighting it out, Obama can coast through health care debacles, rising gas prices, botched up foreign policy, bribing members of Congress to vote for his bills by giving them federal money for their districts through executive branch earmarks, send his family to Aspen for two weeks on what is one of the most expensive exclusive resorts in the world in two planes while the rest of the country is worried about the next paycheck or having enough gas to take Susie to school and off the Obama clan goes because Hawaii just wasn’t enough-and no one pays much attention because all the attention is on the GOP race.

4. Conventions without a nominee means that the candidates can make secret or overt deals with each other and give each other delegates for favors-kind of like monopoly-this is a really bad case scenario

5. The American people lose faith in all the candidates because if the Republicans can’t pick one, they all must be awful.

But, the point is that they are not awful and any one of them would be a better President than Obama (my opinion but this whole thing is my opinion) sooooo I believe this next debate will help clarify issues and after Super Tuesday we will have a clear idea as to who the nominee is. Why say that, Tracy? We have heard these people for months we know where they stand. No, as situations change we need to hear how they will react to them: the Obama Care/Catholic church issue/ the Isreal/Iran very touchy spooky issue/the rising gas prices/ Santorum having seven  children when he has a phobia about sex (kidding) and so this is what needs to happen if I were advising each one:

General rule: The one who attacks first usually loses

Mitt must be specific, passionate, and make fun of or be a tiny bit self depreciating about his inability to connect with voters-’not my style” he has to address it-because he is losing ground and if he loses Michigan he is toast, even though Michigan is proportional and Arizona is winner-take-all  it is the perception thing since he is from Michigan- he better win both, actually, so he better kick ass tomorrow night and do something bold and different

Gingirch can’t attack anyone. He has to be bold and fresh and nice and positive to erase that creepy picture of him mean and nasty and angry and vindictive- not so bold as colony on moon bold, but charming and bold

Santorum is going to be asked right away about all of his recent semi-creepy 1950′s comments about contraception and pre-natal testing etc and assure the American people that those are his views and that he respects all views of the american pp and would not impose his views on the public, which is not true- because he already said he would re Roe v Wade-but somehow he has to settle that Godly Bible Boy Down

Ron can say whatever he likes. He’s fine. He has been very much in the Romney corner, by the way, placing ads in Michigan attacking Santorum. I wonder why? VP? Not for Gingrich and Santorum? Alarmingly, he has deal with Romney if he gives Romney his delegates he will have large part in Republican convention and platform and maybe a tiny job for Rand in the administration like say-secretary of Commerce? Bingo   (just a guess)

CNN are wafting with baited breath for this debate and so are the candidates-who have been silenced for 2 weeks and are watching things shift and change and seeing the media talk about new fresh candidates coming in to replace them. Well, that won’t happen because no one is willing to, and as I said, they are all really good candidates. Most of this is the RNC’s fault with their brilliant idea of making the states that have primaries before April 1 proportional for the first time-thatnks RNC what were YOU thinking? Then totally confusing everyone with giving some states the right for winner take all, penalizing other states and making the entire thing much messier than it ever has been before.

Anyway, my prediction is this debate better shine and be incredible and the next week I think, someone will come out as the clear front runner- and it better be someone who can beat the Big O and most importantly someone who will be an awesome President. That’s what I think will happen. Maybe.

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Tracy Davis on American Radio News Network- Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Santorum’s Self Righteousness Is The Achilles Heel That Will Bring Down His Candidacy

Rick Santorum is playing the “holier than thou” card against President Obama, the other GOP Candidates, and millions of Americans who don’t share his Christian values worldview. His candidacy will likely impale itself on this sword of self righteousness tarnishing the reputation of social conservatives with him.

Santorum said on Fox News’ “Hannity Tonight” that the media continually distorts what he says and that the national media trying to destroy conservatives. There’s no “left wing” conspiracy about reporting words that come directly from Santorum’s mouth that include his pledge to defund planned parenthood, comparing homosexuality to “man-on-dog” sex, or the many “dangers” of contraception.

Santorum cannot not beat Obama in the general election if he already is letting the media dictate his talking points.  And as with all candidates, complaining about the media doesn’t do any good, because it’s the media who will report it the way they want to report it-even the way they report the complaints.

The fact is that Santorum is talking about these things and that it is his mouth not theirs. And although he talks about the economy, foreign affairs and all that good stuff as well, if he didn’t want the media to keep bringing up his views on personal matters he could stop talking about them.

Compared to the other GOP Candidates:

Mitt Romney gave millions to the Mormon church but, he doesn’t talk about it

Newt Gingrich talks about God but, not his personal views

Ron Paul is Christian with a long pro-life voting record yet, never discusses his personal views on faith.

Santorum is surging in the polls but, if he gets the GOP nomination he likely will lose in a landslide (tarnishing all those around him) because he is perceived to be religious zealot who cannot possibly unite 300 million Americans.

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Tracy Davis on The Rita Cosby Show-Monday, Feb 20, 2012

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